Accionador de tope pesado

Heavy Duty Stopper Actuator for molten iron


The RACT is designed to fit almost any tap out application in the molten iron industry.
The mechanical parts and properties are very robust and the mounting is very flexible. There are many options like the possibility to rotate the rod and also an internal cleaning plunger to remove sludge. The drive system is available as either electrical or pneumatic. When used for filling molds in a fast operating line the drive system uses a servomotor system. RACT has been designed to work with the Precimeter ProV metal level sensor.

Technical specification
Stroke: 100 mm (4")
Travel time (full stroke): Less than 100ms
Positioning: Servo motor
Force: 2000N (500 lbs)
Power requirement: 380VAC 0.65kW

A vertical mounting plate is provided. This plate can slide vertical and be rotated 360 degrees.

Stopper rod holder: The rod holder fits most rod sizes
Rod rotation function: The rod is rotated to avoid leakage
Pneumatic drive system: A turning cylinder controlled by a proportional valve drives the actuator.
Automated rod cleaning plunger: A steel plunger is driven through the rod to remove sludge
Servomotor drive system for faster stroke time: Stroke time could be less than 50ms
Emergency closing: When power failure


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