Over Filling Guard

If you need to be more than 100% safe and want to avoid overfilling your launders at any cost, the OFG (Over FIll Guard) can be installed as an additional protection and failsafe redundancy


The OFG-285 consists of a main unit with a safety circuit and a swing arm conduit to an electrode head. The main box can be mounted to brackets 50 mm (2″) outside a launder. The electrode head is swung over the molten metal and leveled so that the ends of the electrodes hit just above the maximum allowed level in the launder.

Technical specification
Power requirement: 24VDC 4 amps
Power consumption: < 2.8 W
Closure stainless steel:  IP 66 / NEMA 4
Dimensions Main box: 300x150x80 mm (11.81"x5.9"x3.15")
Dimensions Electrode head: 100x100x80 mm (3.94"x3.94"x3.15")
Electrode length: 285 mm (11.22")
Digital output: Over-filling limit through interlocking safety relay
Failure monitoring on connection to electrodes



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