Tilt Angle Feedback

Tilt ange feedback sensor for easy installation on any tilting furnace/crucible.


The Tilt angle sensor fits on any existing tilting furnace/crucible.The data can be used to indicated the volume of metal inside the furnace. It can also be used to fine tune/compensate control loops based on furnace characteristics or maybe just to indicate the furnace position remotely.
The Tilt Angle Feedback (TAFB) is a 1-dimensional tilt angle sensor. The sensor is available in two different models: TAFB-45, TAFB-60.

Technical specification
Measurement axis: 1
Power requirement: 15-30 VDC
Current consumption: < 25 mA
Protection: IP 65/67
Analog output: 4-20 mA current loop
Tilt angle: +- 45 or 60 degrees (model dependant)



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