Customized top of the line Metal Level Control system for any casting application.

MLC-ADVANCED Metal Level Control system

The MLC-ADVANCED is the largest control system Precimeter offers. It is designed for the largest and most demanding applications, for example slab casting. The MLC-Advanced is entirely tailor made to fit the specific needs of the customer. With full access to the Precimeter knowledge and technology, we can guarantee a state of the art system that will solve your automation problems. The MLC-Advanced can control up to 20 sensors and pieces of equipment at the same time.

  • State of the art system for unlimited control point applications with any kind of control devices (actuators, pumps, Tilting furnaces, VFD:s etc)
  • The application is 100% customized to fit the requirements from the customer
  • High performance PLC-controller
  • Touch panel HMI and/or Panel PC with touch display complete control of parameter adjustments, recipes, trends and alarms
  • Integrated SCADA system with historical data logging
  • Connectivity and/or integration into existing SCADA or process control systems upon request




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