Customize Metal Level Control system for medium size applications with multiple control loops

MLC-FLEX Metal Level Control system

The MLC-Flex is a custom built system designed to fit all the needs of the customer. We take all the experience of the Precimeter team and use it to design the best system possible for every application. The system also includes the ability to log data. It has an HMI panel providing a user friendly interface. The system can handle up to four sensors and control three pieces of equipment.

  • Flexible and customized platform for multiple control point applications with any kind of control devices (actuators, pumps, Tilting furnaces, VFD:s etc)
  • The application is 100% customized to fit the requirements from the customer
  • High performance PLC-controller
  • TFT touch display for level readings, parameter adjustments, recipes, trends and alarms.
  • Integrated Automatic Data logger (memory stick or external drive)
  • Ethernet connection for Remote access (standard) and/or communication with superior system (optional)

MLC-FLEX application example



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