The MLC-A1 single point metal level control system is a powerful and flexible alternative for any kind of control device like actuator, pump, Tilting furnace or VFD etc.

MLC-A1 Metal level control system

The MLC-A1 is full featured stand alone controller that covers most level control applications. The A1 enables both manual and automatic start ups and has an integrated automated data logger storing data onto a USB memory stick or external hard drive. MLC-A1 has the ability to handle recipes for different set ups and has an Ethernet connection for remote control via PC-computer. The MLC-A1 is built to control one single point by controlling one piece of equipment (at the time) such as an actuator, pump or tilting furnace.

  • Powerful alternative for single point applications for any kind of control device (actuators, pumps, Tilting furnaces, VFD:setc)
  • Easy installation and setup
  • High performance PLC-controller
  • Selectable Automatic or Manual controlled start
  • TFT touch display for level readings, parameter adjustments, recipes, trends and alarms. Integrated Automatic Data logger (memory stick)
  • Ethernet connection for Remote access
  • Scada interface (optional)


Tilt A1 A1 ingot speed


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