Premium products for molten metal level control

We are a world-leading supplier offering laser camera sensors, actuators, electromagnetic pumps and more for molten metal applications.

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Precision in every step.

At Precimeter we believe that precision is the key to success. We make sure that everything we do, from the manufacturing of our products to the completion of customer installations and everything in between is done by the highest standards.

Premium Products

Our products are specially designed and developed to withstand the harsh environment in the metal industry.

Wide Range

All applications are different, therefor our product range is built to meet the needs for any type of casting operation.


In any metal casting operation - safety is always our number one priority. We develop our products and solutions with increased safety measures.

Quality Support

We are fully committed to providing our customers quality improvement and support process to achieve total customer satisfaction.

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Adjustable for your casting.

All applications are different. We have built our product range to fit any essential needs with the opportunity to customisze any solution

detailes on slab casting chilling in mouldactuators on a row controlling slab casting flow

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