Pin Position Actuator


This actuator is primarily used to control the flow of the molten metal through a pin and spout valve in slab (rolling) ingot casting.

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Robust and compact
Designed to fit areas with space restriciton such as above the through or launder
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Adjustable and flexible
Can be adjusted to fit any through configuration
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Suitable for throughs and launders
Developed for both horizontal and vertical drop control
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Accurate regulations
Control each step in the casting process

Flexible flow control

The Pin Position Actuator PXP-2LP is primarily used to control the flow of molten metal trough a pin-plug valve in for instance ingot casting. The PXP-2LP actuator offers a lower height profile over the through or launder than the PXP-2(E). This means that it can be used in areas where space above the through or launder is restricted.

This actuator can easily be adapted to fit any through configuration. Vertical drop control with PXP-2LP pin positioner. The Precimeter pin position actuator PXP-2LP connected to the ProH and an MLC control panel form a system which very precisely controls the molten metal level, in for example a tundish or a DC slab casting mould.

Advantages with PXP-2LP actuator

Technical Specifications

6-50.4 mm (0.25-2.0”)
±0.38 mm
Stepper motor
Power Requirement
24 VDC < 1 A
Compressed air (1/4” connection)
Serial communication
Arm/Rod Position
4-20mA (0-100%)
24 VDC
Arm/Pin Position
4-20mA (0-100%)
Internal Temp Output
4-20mA (0-100°C)
Ethernet Protocol
Optional (Profinet, Ethernet IP or Modbus TCP)

sensor models

Sensor Model
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Clearance Distance
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Measurement Distance
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Pin Position Actuator