Molten metal level control solutions

Warm welcome to the Precimeter Group website - our mission is to meassure and control the level and flow of molten metal in an automatic casting system. Precimeter has been in the market for metal level control systems for well over 20 years and delivered over 7000 units and systems worldwide.

Our products, all developed extensively for their application, includes the patented ProH metal level sensor, inductive and capacitve sensors, actuators, valves , molten metal pumps and complete automatic casting systems for everything from primary metals to die casters using any metal from non ferrous to ferrous metals.

The Implementation of an automatic casting system in your plant brings many advantages.

• Quality improvement
• Documentation of the process
• Raw material savings
• Better use of manpower

Feel free to browse our website to find out more about how we can help you improve your cast house.

Jan Strombeck, CEO
Precimeter Group

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Meet us at the following venues.

Aluminium Middle East, April 23-25 2012, Dubai.

Aluminium China 2013, July 2 - 4 2013, Shanghai New Int'l Expo Centre, Shanghai, China.

Precimeter receives largest order for EM pumps (induction metal pumps). The order will be for more than 50 pumps. The customer is a well known European company. The order shows the strength in the Precimeter product range.

New homepage, Precimeter Die Casting has a new homepage. For complete information about our products for die casting and electromagnetic pumps please press here.