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This Automatic Dam actuator is primarily used to open the starter dam during start of cast in billet, ingot, slab casters etc.

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Product information

The Starter Dam Actuator SDX-8 is the ideal solution opening the gate when reached the optimal filling of the launder in front of the casting moulds. The dam provides accurate stoppage of the metal direction. Easy to install to different types of launders. Precimeter SDX-8 is designed and produced for existing or new launder steelwork. The unique flexible mounting system allows moving the actuator to different positions.

The SDX-8 comes standard with a manual valve, but today’s units are often delivered with a complete automatic system with interface to the supervising PLC system. The automatic starter dam can also be equipped with a leveling sensor, opening the dam when a desired level in the launder is reached.The SDX-8 is ideal for your automated casting system. SDX-8 can be supplied with stainless steel safety guards that are removable. The basic SDX-8 comes with push button control and flexible mounting rack using an air cylinder and solenoid valves. The guide system uses 4 stainless steel guides providing strong support for the dam mounting bracket.


Pneumatic function
Robust design
Auto/manual mode
Available with three stroke lengths
Flexible mounting options
Product features
Laser sensor type
Clearance distance
2350 mm (92.5")
1000 mm (39.4")
1150 mm (45.3")
180 mm (7.1")
900 mm (35.4")
450 mm (17.7")
450 mm (17.7")
1500 mm (59.0")
800 mm (31.5")
900 mm (34.4")
700 mm (27.6")
450 mm (17.7")
300 mm (11.8")
240 mm (9.4")
Measurement range
3000 mm (118.1")
900 mm (35.4")
400 mm (15.8")
200 mm (7.9")
750 mm (29.5")
300 mm (11.8")
300 mm (11.8")
1600 mm (63.0")
1500 mm (59.0")
500 mm (19.7")
300 mm (11.8")
300 mm (11.8")
300 mm (11.8")
325 mm (12.8")
0.74mm (0.029")
0.22mm (0.009")
0.1mm (0.004")
0.05mm (0.002")
+- 1mm (0.04")
0.074mm (0.03")
0.074mm (0.03")
0.39mm (0.016")
0.37mm (0.015")
0.122mm (0.005")
0.08mm (0.003")
0.08mm (0.003")
0.08mm (0.003")
0.08mm (0.003")
Technical specifications

SDX-8 - 1

Air Supply:

SDX-8 - 2

Travel Height:

SDX-8 - 3

Launder Width:

SDX-8 - 4

Power Supply:

SDX-8 - 5

Digital Output:

Empty row

5 bar (72 psi)
203 mm (8”) Other heights possible on request.
100-500 mm (4-20”)
120 VAC or 220 VAC
Temperature alarm 65 °C (150 °F)
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