Round Pumps

Selective Soldering – R6D85

Round pumps for automatic soldering systems and vessel emptying.

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Product information

The electromagnetic round pump is designed for pumping tin, lead and solder in variable quantities. This pump is especially designed for use in automatic soldering machines, i.e. for partial soldering. Depending on the application, the pump allows you to design a single or multiple soldering system. The solder wave is variable. The main advantage of this design is that there are no moving parts in the metal bath. Because of the reliable construction we can provide a nearly maintenance free and economical pump.


No mechanical wear
Withstands high temperatures
Life expectancy up to 10 years
Laminar flow
Fast return on investment due to better quality low maintenance and long life expectancy
Technical Specifications
Capacity (max delivery height):
3 x 25 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 3 x 11 A
100 mm (at a specific weight of 8,5 g/cm3
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