Service Adapters (Actuators)

Actuator Service Adapter

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Product information

The service adapter enables easy connection to any Precimeter actuator in a workshop or in operation. It is a useful tool for commissioning, testing, troubleshooting and/or service work.

The adapter has a switch for “Local/Remote”- control, “Emergency Closing” , “Calibrate to Close”, a switch to enable “1/0/Remote Control” of the actuator, and a “4-20mA potentiometer” for adjusting the actuator arm position. It also has test/measuring terminals for analog 4-20mA and indications of “Power”, “Emergency Close Loaded” and “Temp OK”.

A communication cable with M12 connector and a RS-232 to USB-adapter is included to connect through a PC using a terminal software for actuator parameter access.


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