Laser Camera Sensors


Specially designed to measure on molten metal surfaces above 1200ºC. Works on all High temperature alloys.

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Product information

The Laser Camera Sensor model ProV from Precimeter combines high performance laser triangulation with the necessary control functions to maintain an accurate molten metal level measurement. The patented digital camera technology in the Precimeter sensors results in very high performance and resolution. The advanced technology enables stable readings even when the molten metal material reflectivity changes dramatically and/or in harsh conditions with heavy steam and smoke environment.


Accurate measurement
Stable performance in harsh conditions/environment
Easy installation
Compact design
Maintenance free
Surface adaption system
No calibration needed for each specific installation
Precimeter Tool (PC Software) for access to all sensor parameters
Features of product
Laser sensor type
Clearance distance
180 mm (7.1")
1150 mm (45.3")
1000 mm (39.4")
2350 mm (92.5")
Measurement range
200 mm (7.9")
400 mm (15.8")
900 mm (35.4")
3000 mm (118.1")
0.05mm (0.002")
0.1mm (0.004")
0.22mm (0.009")
0.74mm (0.029")
Technical specifications
Power Requirement:

ProV - 1

Level Output:

ProV - 2

Internal Temp Output:

ProV - 3

Digital Input:

ProV - 4

Digital Output:

ProV - 5


ProV - 6

Ethernet Protocol:

ProV - 7


ProV - 8

Sampling Rate:

ProV - 9

Laser Power:

ProV - 10


ProV - 11

Empty row

24 VDC < 1 A


4–20 mA


4–20 mA (0–100°C, 32–212°F)


Light source on/off


Sensor status


±0.07 mm


Optional (Profinet, Ethernet IP or Modbus TCP)


Precimeter tool (PC software)


50 Hz


< 5 mW (Laser class 3R) / > 5 mW (Laser class 3B)


Compressed air (3/8” connection)



Sensor models
Sensor Model
ProV CD1150R400
ProV CD2350R3000
Clearance Distance
1150 mm (45.3”)
2350 mm (92.5”)
Measurement Distance
400 mm (15.8”)
3000 mm (118.1”)

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