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Precimeter non contact measuring systems - withstanding over 800°C; suitable for aluminium, magnesium, lead, tin, zinc. Other materials are availiable on request. Our non contact level measuring systems
are used to regulate, control or measure filling levels in melt and holding furnaces, intermediate vessels, channels and launders. The PLP is a non contact probe suitable for several different applications.


This non contact measuring probe is made for smaller measuring ranges. The measuring range depends on the diameter of the probe. For the standard probe with a probe diameter of 115 mm, a measuring range of 100 mm is achieved. A major advantage is remote operation in relation to the melt. The probe should not come into direct contact with liquid metal. For extreme applications in which heavy splashing cannot be ruled out, the probe should be protected with a mona-lite protection hood. The probes can withstand up to 800°C and can also be used in closed systems without forced air cooling. 


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