Gate Valve Actuator


This Automatic and adjustable actuator is primarily used to control the flow of molten metal along a trough/launder through a gate valve (Dam).

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Flexible mounting options
Can be mounted in different positions with linkage arm systems
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Adjustable stroke lengths
Available to adjust with two stroke lengths
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Precision and control
Accurate readings of molten metal levels
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Easy installation
Simple to install and easy to use with minimal maintenance

Control in downstream casting process

Launder level control with Precimeter Gate Valve Actuator GXP-10 connected to the ProH level sensor and MLC control panel enables a very accurate control in the metal level downstream casting process. The Precimeter Gate Valve Actuator GXP-10 can be mounted in different positions with simple linkage arm systems. To avoid oxidation and high temperature exposure one mounting example is at the side of the casting launder.

Advantages with GXP-10 actuator

Technical Specifications

32-254 mm (1.25”-10”)
±0.23 mm
Gate Load Range
Up to 180 N
Stepper motor
Power Requirement
24 VDC < 1 A
Compressed air (1/4” connection)
Serial communication
Arm/Rod Position
4-20mA (0-100%)
24 VDC
Arm/Pin Position
4-20mA (0-100%)
Internal Temp Output
4-20mA (0-100°C)
Ethernet Protocol
Optional (Profinet, Ethernet IP or Modbus TCP)

sensor models

Sensor Model
No items found.
Clearance Distance
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Measurement Distance
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Gate Valve Actuator