Control Systems


Customized top of the line Metal Level Control system for any casting application.

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Adjustable to need
Entirely tailormade to fit the specific needs
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Full access
Control the entire automation process
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Control different equipment
Can manage up to 20 sensors, actuators and/or other equipment
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Integrate systems
Option to fully integrate SCADA

Advanced automation

The MLC-Advanced is the largest system Precimeter offers. It is designed for the largest and most demanding applications. The MLC-Advanced is entirely tailor made to fit the specific needs of the customer. With full access to the Precimeter knowledge and technology, we can guarantee a state of the art system that will solve your automation problems. The MLC-Advanced can control up to 20 sensors and pieces of equipment at the same time. With a larger HMI panel than the flexible, the interface is even more user friendly. There is also the option to fully integrate SCADA into the system.

Technical Specifications

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sensor models

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Clearance Distance
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Measurement Distance
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Control Systems