Die Casting

Two Chamber System

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Dosing system

A proximity probe is used when the accuracy of the dosages depends on small bath fluctuations.


  • no oxide build-up
  • inexpensive

Charging system

A submerged probe is used in the fusion chamber for greater fluctuations in the charging.

Monitoring with a submerged and a proximity probe 1 electronic control system for Low-cost system for simple process cycles:

Alt. solution: Monitoring with a submerged and a proximity probe 2 electronic control systems for flexible measuring possibility for independent process cycles:

Product Examples for

Automatic Selective Soldering

Melting Temp. < 800˚C

Melting Temp. < 400˚C

Two Chamber System

Sand Casting

Low Pressure Casting

Measurement of Different Levels

Ladle Automation

Charging Control

Solutions for ferrous metals

Sheet/Strip and Rod Casting

DC Casting - Rolling and Extrusion Ingots

Foundry/Remelt Ingots and T-Ingots

Furnace and Crucible Level Measurement

Launder Level Control

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