Inductive Sensors


Continuous level measurement without any cooling required.

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Suitable for different metals
Designed for aluminium, magnesium, lead, tin and zinc
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Withstands high temperatures
Created to endure temperatures above 800°C
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Submersible probe
Regulate, control and measure filling levels in furnaces, intermediate vessels, launders & channels
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High quality resistant
Protected in environments to resist pressure and temperatures

Submersible probe for exact levels

Precimeter measuring systems - withstanding over 800°C; suitable for aluminum, magnesium, lead, tin and zinc. Other materials are available on request. Our level measuring systems are used to regulate, control or measure filling levels in melt and holding furnaces, intermediate vessels, channels and launders. The CLP is a submersible probe suitable for furnace level control.


The submersible CLP from Precimeter is a high tech product. It works in the submerged condition with an appropriate protective tube at a melt temperature of over 800°C and can therefore also be used in closed systems without forced air cooling. The CLP is a system that directly registers the exact level in the molten metal through a protective tube. With an airtight adapter available from Precimeter the probes can also be used in closed systems with low pressure castings. Only the best quality materials are used combined with a good quality assurance system. Each probe is tested before delivery and the results are documented. Standard lengths are up to a meter. Longer lengths are possible. With a gas tight dosing furnace, the furnace level can be monitored by a submerged probe combined with the appropriate electronics with programmed limit values from Precimeter.

The CLP probe is connected to the MP2020 Electronic Box Extension to easily control molten metal levels.

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Inductive Sensors