Inductive Sensors


This moving laser sensor is designed to accurately measure filling and level rate of molten metal in the mould for rolling ingot casting.

Developed for Rolling Ingot, Slab Casting
The MLS measures level and fill rate in the mould during casting
High temperature endurance
Can withstand surrounding temperatures up to 1000°C
Compact design
With integrated electronics this sensor has a neat size suitable for mould measurement
No contact with melt
Position above the mould requires no contact with melt and moving with the metal level

Moving level sensor designed for filling control

The Moving Level Sensor MLS-300 is a non contact sensor specially designed to measure the level and filling rate of molten metal in the mold during the cast of Rolling Ingot (Slab). It combines an inductive sensor head with a moving mechanism to allow the sensor head to follow the metal surface during the complete fill of a mold. During a steady state no movement is required.

The MLS will provide the most accurate and reliable signal using inductive technology. The integrated design utilizing the unique Precimeter sensor head that withstands surrounding temperatures up to 1000°C along this unit ensures durability in a cast house environment. The sensor head it self requires NO cooling so the need for cooling air is minimized just for the integrated electronics.

For special designs, like other ranges, S-shaped sensor shafts or anything else required to meet certain requests please contact the Precimeter team.

Advantages with MLS Inductive sensor

Technical Specifications

Measuring range
Power supply
I/O - signals
Network interface (optional)
0 – 300 mm (optional ranges upon request)
±0.2 mm
24 VDC
2 Analog outputs (Level 4-20mA) (Internal temp. (4-20mA) 2 Digital inputs (Automatic control) 1 Digital outpus (Status signal)
ProfiNET, Ethernet I/P etc.
(for the integrated electronics only) Dry and clean compressed air

sensor models

Sensor Model
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Clearance Distance
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Measurement Distance
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