Die Casting

Charging Control

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Charging monitoring with a gastight sensor (PLP)

Precimeter has developed a gas-tight Inductive sensor (PLP) for this application, to supervise filling of the furnace. The Inductive sensor and the appropriate electronics can be used to set up to 5 switching points to accurately indicate the filling level using 5 different coloured signal lights or relay contacts.

Charging monitoring and level measurement with wider fluctuations in level

With a gas tight dosing furnace, the furnace level can be monitored by a submerged sensor (CLP) and the appropriate electronics with programmed limit values from Precimeter.

Charging monitoring with open furnace systems

With open furnace systems the inductive sensor (PLP) and the appropriate electronics can be used with up to 5 switching points to accurately indicate and monitor the filling level.

Product Examples for

Automatic Selective Soldering

Melting Temp. < 800˚C

Melting Temp. < 400˚C

Two Chamber System

Sand Casting

Low Pressure Casting

Measurement of Different Levels

Ladle Automation

Charging Control

Solutions for ferrous metals

Sheet/Strip and Rod Casting

DC Casting - Rolling and Extrusion Ingots

Foundry/Remelt Ingots and T-Ingots

Furnace and Crucible Level Measurement

Launder Level Control

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