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DC Casting - Billet Casting

Precimeter offer products and technology specifically designed for DC Casting applications. We can provide Level Sensors, Flow Control Actuators, Metal Level Control Systems and Integration. Precimeter have more than 20 years of experience in supplying directly to end customers as well as to world leading machine manufacturers and integrators worldwide.

Extrusion Ingot (Billet) Casting

– Process Automation –

Enable a fully automatic level and flow control in every cast. Including automatic start and stop function to cover every sequence of the casting process in automation mode and provide an accurate ingot length.

– Repeatability and Traceability –

Repeat each recipe and maintain equal quality within every cast. Record information of the metal level and flow for analysis and process improvement.

– Improved Safety –

No operators/personnel required near the casting process during operation. Safety zones can be established from where the complete cast is monitored and controlled through an automatic system.

Automatic level and flow control including all above features is a powerful tool providing quality improvement, increased productivity, raw material savings and improved safety within extrusion ingot (billet) casting.

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