Service adapter for ProH TwinDelta

Service and test ProH TwinDelta with this adapter

Quick maintenance
Test functionality and calibration easily
Easy to use
Simple troubleshooting

Troubleshoot TwinDelta laser sensor

The service adapter enables easy connection to a ProH TwinDelta sensor in a workshop or in operation. It is a useful tool for commissioning, testing, troubleshooting and/or service work.

The unit connects during set up between the 16-pin connectors for field testing or directly to the sensor using the included stand-alone power supply. The adapter has a switch for “Sensor On/Off”, indications for “Power” and “Sensor Status”, test/measuring terminals for analog 4-20mA, and a BNC-connector to connect to a monitor.

Precimeter Tool software is included for communication with the sensor through a PC connected with a serial communication cable RS-232 with USB-adapter.

Technical Specifications

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sensor models

Sensor Model
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Clearance Distance
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Measurement Distance
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