Tilt angle feedback sensor for easy installation on any tilting furnace/crucible.

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Tilting feedback of your furnace
Control the tilting of your furnaces to make sure consistant and steady flow
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Compact design
Minimal design specfically developed for its purpose
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Easy instalaltion
Easily mounted on any tilting furnace and/or crucible
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Maintenance free
Created to fit the casting environment and produce solid readings

Tilting control for furnaces

The Tilt Angle Feedback (TAFB) is designed for use in control of a tilting furnace whenever feedback of the tilt angle is needed. The sensor is specifically engineered for use in foundries for tilt angle feed back on furnaces, ladles, launders etc in conjunction with other Precimeter equipment for metal level control. The TAFB is a 1-dimensional ±45° tilt angle sensor.

Advantages with TAFB extension

Technical Specifications

Measurement axes
1 axis
Measurement ranges
Resolution (at zero point)
Calibration accuracy (at 25° C)
300x150x80 mm (11.8”x5.9”x3.2”)
Nonlinearity (sine)
Max. ±0.3°
Temperature coefficient (zero point)
±0.009 °/K
Critical frequency typ
18 Hz
Operating temperature
Up to +80 °C
Interface current loop
4-20 mA
Supply voltage
15 V DC to 30 V DC
Current consumption
< 25 mA
Degree of protection
Shock survival Max
3500 g

sensor models

Sensor Model
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Clearance Distance
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Measurement Distance
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