Non Ferrous Metals

DC Casting - Rolling and Extrusion Ingots

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Precimeter offer products and technology specifically designed for DC Casting applications. We can provide Level Sensors, Flow Control Actuators, Metal Level Control Systems and Integration. Precimeter have more than 20 years of experience in supplying directly to end customers as well as to world leading machine manufacturers and integrators worldwide.

Slab casting

Rolling Ingot (Slab) Casting with Precimeter Technology

– Process Automation –

Enable automatic start/stop functions and full control of every sequence of the cast through complete automation of the metal level and flow. This provides safe, repetitive start-ups and exact ingot length.

– Fill Rate Control –

Control and optimize the initial fill rate of the mould based on each specific recipe.

– Adjustable Metal Level –

Adjust the metal head with Precimeter MLC-systems and automatic level control equipment during the time of casting. Control the metal level in the moulds by following a predefined level curve scheduled by time or cast length.

– High Precision Level Control –

Experience a highly precise quality of measurement and flow control using Precimeter Sensors & Actuators. With measurement resolution of 0.1 mm the level can be controlled accordingly.

– Improved Metal Distribution –

Reduce turbulence and distribution disturbance by avoiding floaters and/or mechanical devices inside the melt. Optimize of the metal distribution into the moulds through a pin and spout setup.

– Repeatability and Traceability –

Repeat each recipe and maintain equal quality within every cast. Record information of the metal level and flow for analysis and improvement. Identify the optimal control settings for each individual casting process.

– Improved Safety –

No operators/personnel required near the casting process during operation. Safety zones can be established from where the complete cast is monitored and controlled through an automatic system.

Automatic level and flow control including all above features is a powerful tool providing quality improvement, increased productivity, raw material savings and improved safety within rolling ingot (slab) casting.

See below video from one of our previous slab casting projects:

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